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    "We deliver Secure Mobile Access for Unmanned Locations"


    Never again lose keys nore access control ...

    The telloport Mobile Access Management Solution enables organizations to have all their parcels and goods collected or delivered in a secure way, without the need for someone to be physically present at the location.



    Our state-of-the-art technology brings numerous advantages for the sender, receiver and of course the logistics partner, such as enhanced safety, time & cost savings and far more flexibility.


    Trusted partner

    You can rely on a trusted partner and a full back to back solution to realize and support your Mobile Access Management System, as the telloport Mobile Access Management Solution has been developed and tested in close cooperation with one of the leading lock manufactures, with an international track record of more than 15 years.


    Our cases 

    The telloport Mobile Access Management Solution is developed with both B2B as B2C environments in mind. For more inspiration, feel free to have a look at our present cases.

  • #1 - Smart City

    Future oriented cities want to optimize their logistics network and digitalize their (local) merchants. Dealing with the first & last mile is a crucial part of this. The answer lies within single and consolidated delivery boxes that can send and receive food + non food.

    #2 - Unmanned Warehouses

    Installation of a Mobile Access & Authentication Solution in entry doors of unmanned warehouses, including mobile security for the individual internal rack locations.

    #3 - In Van Delivery

    Mobile Access implementation in vans to facilitate in trunk delivery, without the need for the driver to be present (e.g. at night).

  • Technology

    "Rely on a state-of-the-art solution, backed by solid technology partners"

    Cloud Platform

    Easily manage all your locations

    The core of the telloport Mobile Access Management Solution is a central web and mobile platform that is fully cloud based, interconnecting sender, receiver and logistics partner. The telloport platform allows to easily manage all your locations, keys and access rights and can be integrated with your existing business systems to automate your mobile access management.

    Mobile Key

    Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.

    The telloport Mobile Access Management Solution turns mobile devices such as smartphones, scanners, etc. into mobile keys, making it possible that anyone at any given moment can get access to any location, as long as this person and the accompanying parcel have the rights to do so.

    Smart Lock

    Flexible and versatile

    The telloport Mobile Access Management Solution has been developed with flexibility and versatility in mind. telloport's smart lock technology makes the solution fit for a number of applications, such as doors, lockers, vans, boxes (fixed and mobile) and residential parcel delivery boxes.

    Wireless Communication

    Secure and future proof

    The telloport Mobile Access Management Solution guarantees a secure communication, making use of wireless technologies such as 3G, 4G, WiFi and bluetooth. R&D is currently working on the integration of new communication technologies like LoRa.

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